Free Power Daily Credit
Terms and Conditions

We know our customers are spending more time at home at the moment and we want to help by offering a daily bill credit during April to our analogue meter customers. Here’s everything you need to know about redeeming the Free Power Daily Credit.

What is the Free Power Daily Credit?
  1. The Free Power Daily Credit is available to existing residential Mercury customers, who have an analogue meter. An analogue meter is a type of meter that tells us your total power usage when we read your meter. An analogue meter does not share hourly power usage details with us like smart meters do so we cannot tell exactly how much power you use on an hourly basis.

  2. Since we cannot know how much power you use in any given hour, we cannot provide a free power hour (like we do for our smart meter customers), but we don’t want you to miss out. So, instead you’ll receive a Free Power Daily Credit which we estimate is equivalent to a free power hour. This means you’ll get a credit applied to your account every day starting from the later of the day you redeem your Free Power Daily Credit or 15 April 2020 and ending on 28 April 2020 (the Relevant Period).

  3. If you do redeem the Free Power Daily Credit, you'll receive a credit which we estimate to be your electricity charges associated within a 1-hour time period each day within the Relevant Period. To be crystal clear, your Free Power Daily Credit includes your daily fixed charge, estimated variable usage charges, GST and the Electricity Authority levy.

  4. The Free Power Daily Credit excludes any special charges, gas or service charges. We’ll use the price plan that you are on five working days before you redeem your Free Power Daily Credit to work out what your fixed and variable charges are.
How to redeem.
  1. You can only redeem the Free Power Daily Credit if you have an analogue meter. To redeem, you must click on link provided in the email from Mercury, fill out the form with your account information and agree to these terms and conditions before Friday 17 April 2020.

  2. The Free Power Daily Credit cannot be changed and cannot be redeemed for cash.
How is your Free Power Daily Credit usage calculated?
  1. As you might know, we sometimes provide free power hours to our customers with smart meters. We estimate that our customers with smart meters will use roughly 10% of their entire day’s usage in their chosen free power hour.

  2. So, to work out a credit for our customers with analogue meters which we think is equivalent to a ‘Free Power Hour’, we’ll calculate all your fixed charges at an hourly rate (this includes 1x 24th of your daily fixed charge and Electricity Authority levy), as well as calculating 10% of your average daily usage based on the last 12 months (based on your actual reads) and the cost of GST.” We will then apply the equivalent amount of these calculations as a bill credit for each Free Power Daily Credit during the Relevant Period.
When will I receive my credit?
  1. If you pay your Mercury bill in full and on-time, we will apply the Free Power Daily credit for each day automatically to your Mercury account as a credit to your next bill within 10 working days. You must remain a Mercury customer for 10 days after the date you redeemed the Free Power Daily Credit in order to receive the credit.

  2. Sounds obvious, but if you switch to another retailer during the Free Power Daily Credit period, you will not receive your Free Power Daily credit for any days after the date that you switch retailers. The Free Power Daily credit for the days prior to the date that you switched retailers will be applied to your final bill.

  3. All other Mercury terms will apply.