Free Power Hour
Terms and Conditions

We like to offer our customers something a little more wonderful just for being awesome customers. Lots of words, we know! But here’s everything you need to know about your Offer. Grab a cup of tea and have a read!

What is the Offer?
  1. Mercury’s Free Power Hour every day Offer (“Offer”) is available to existing residential Mercury customers, who have a smart meter.

  2. A Free Power Hour is when you’ll get any power you use during your selected 1-hour period each day, credited back by us (“Free Power Hour”). You'll receive a credit for all of your electricity charges associated within your chosen 1-hour time period each day within the offer period. To be crystal clear, your free electricity charges are your daily fixed charge, variable usage charges, GST and the Electricity Authority levy. The Free Power Hour excludes any special charges, gas or service charges. We’ll use the price plan that you are on five working days before your 1 hour of Free Power to work out what your fixed and variable charges are.

  3. As part of this offer, you will receive 1 Free Power Hour each day starting from either Wednesday 15th April or from the day after you redeem this offer and ending on 28 April 2020 (offer period). We’ll contact you to confirm that the offer period is ending via email or phone call.
How to redeem.
  1. You can only redeem this offer if you have a smart meter. To redeem, you must click on link provided in the email from Mercury, fill out the form by selecting your 1-hour time slot and agreeing to these terms and conditions before Monday 20 April 2020. You can choose any 1-hour time period from the options below. Once you have selected your Free Power Hour using the online form you will not be able to change your decision, so choose carefully!

  2. Start time to End time
    12am to 1am
    1am to 2am
    2am to 3am
    3am to 4am
    4am to 5am
    5am to 6am
    6am to 7am
    7am to 8am
    8am to 9am
    9am to 10am
    10am to 11am
    11am to 12pm
    12pm to 1pm
    1pm to 2pm
    2pm to 3pm
    3pm to 4pm
    4pm to 5pm
    5pm to 6pm
    6pm to 7pm
    7pm to 8pm
    8pm to 9pm
    9pm to 10pm
    10pm to 11pm
    11pm to 12am

  3. If you complete the online form multiple times, you will not be able to change the Free Power Hour for the duration of the offer period, we will use your initial form entry as your chosen Free Power Hour for the offer period.

  4. The Free Power Hour cannot be changed and cannot be redeemed for cash.
How is Free Power Hour usage calculated?
  1. Using smart meters, we can see how much power you used during your chosen Free Power Hour.

  2. Even with smart meters, sometimes things can go wrong. If for some reason, your usage information is not available for your Free Power Hour during the offer period, we are unable to give you a “free” power hour for that day because it is hard for us to work out exactly how much power you have used. However, we don’t want you to miss out, so instead we’ll work out a credit which we think is equivalent to a ‘Free Power Hour’, we’ll calculate all your fixed charges at an hourly rate (this includes 1x 24th of your daily fixed charge and Electricity Authority levy), as well as calculating 10% of your average daily usage based on the last 7 days (based on your smart meter reads) and the cost of GST.
When will I receive my credit?
  1. If you pay your Mercury bill in full and on-time, we will apply the Free Power Hour credit for each day automatically to your Mercury account as a credit to your next bill within 10 working days. You must remain a Mercury customer for 10 days after the date you redeemed the offer in order to receive the credit.

  2. Sounds obvious, but if you switch to another Retailer during the offer period, you will not receive your Free Power Hour credit for any days after the date that you switch retailers. The Free Power Hour credit for the days prior to the date that you switched retailers will be applied to your final bill.

  3. All other Mercury terms will apply.