Mercury's Free Christmas Power Day Terms and Conditions

Here’s everything you need to know about your Free Christmas Power Day prize. Grab a cup of tea and have a read!

  What is the offer?
  1. Mercury’s Free Christmas Power Day prize (“Prize”) is available to existing residential Mercury customers who win a Free Power Day as part of the Mercury Free Christmas Power Day competition.

  2. A free power day is a day you’ll get any power you use, credited back by us (“Free Power Day”). You'll receive a credit for all of your electricity charges associated with the date of your Free Power Day. To be crystal clear, your free electricity charges are your daily fixed charge, variable usage charges, GST and the Electricity Authority levy. The Free Power Day excludes any special charges, gas or service charges. We’ll use the price plan that you are on five working days before your Free Power Day to work out what your fixed and variable charges are.

  3. As part of this Prize, you will receive one Free Power Day.

  How can I redeem the prize?
  1. Your Free Power Day will be on 25th December 2018. We will automatically apply your Free Power Day to your Mercury account, so you can relax while we take care of everything.

  2. This date cannot be changed or redeemed for cash.

  How is my Free Power Day usage calculated?
  1. Using smart meters, we can see how much power you used on your Free Power Day. If for some reason, your usage information is not available for your Free Power Day or if you do not have a smart meter, then your credit will be an exaggerated estimate. We will work out your credit by multiplying your most recent available usage by a factor equivalent to the difference between the usage of other Mercury customers who live near you on Free Power Days compared to non-Free Power Days.

  2. Without smart meter data, it is hard for us to estimate exactly how much power you used on your Free Power Day so your free power credit may be different from the actual amount of power you used. We cannot give our non smart meter customers a “free” power day but we take care of our non-smart meter customers by ensuring that the free power credit is an exaggerated estimate.

  When will I receive my credit?
  1. The credit will be applied to your Mercury account in January 2019 (although depending on your billing cycle, this credit may not show until your February 2019 bill is issued). You must remain a customer during this time in order to receive the credit for your Free Power Day.

  2. All other Mercury terms apply. Please see our website for full details.