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Starship Foundation Donations

In these Terms and Conditions:

"we", "us" or "our" means Mercury; 
"You" or "your" means the customer to whom Mercury’s invoices are addressed.

  1. The terms and conditions on which electricity is supplied to you will continue to apply.
  2. The amount of your Starship Foundation donation will be included in the total amount of each invoice sent to you.
  3. When you pay any invoice the amount paid will be applied first toward payment of your electricity account. If you pay a part only or none of the amount of your Starship Foundation donation, the unpaid portion of the Starship Foundation donation will appear on your next bill together with your next usual monthly donation amount to the Starship Foundation.*
  4. Your electricity supply will not be disconnected for failure to pay your Starship Foundation donation. 
  5. If you change your electricity supplier we will not bill you for the Starship Foundation donation on your final invoice.
  6. The Starship Foundation donation is not subject to GST. 
  7. You can increase or decrease your Starship Foundation donation amount at any time in ‘My Account’ (in the ‘Manage my Services’ tab) or by calling the Customer Service Team on 0800 10 18 10.
  8. Your details may be provided to Starship Foundation for administration purposes. Unless you have specified otherwise, your details will not be used for any communication from Starship Foundation. 

    * Does not apply to RD1 or PGG Wrightson customers.