Solar open term


  1. This open term price plan is only for customers who have entered into an agreement with Mercury for the supply and installation of solar equipment.
  1. These special terms will apply from the date on which we install your solar equipment until your supply of energy is terminated.  Until that date:
    1. if you are an existing customer, the prices and terms set out in your existing plan will continue to apply; and
    2. if you are a new customer, our standard terms and prices will apply.
  2. If you move property you will revert to standard Mercury prices and you will not be charged an early termination fee, provided you remain a Mercury customer. Please let us know you’re moving here.
  3. Your open term prices are based on your current meter type and solar configuration.
    1. If your meter type changes, where possible Mercury will put you on the open term price plan for your new meter or solar configuration.
    2. If your current meter configuration is incorrect, we will place you on the correct pricing plan that matches your meter.
    3. If you no longer have solar equipment installed at your property, you will revert to standard Mercury price.
  4. The open term price plan does not include goods and services tax (“GST”), and any of the Mercury Service Fees (as available on our website).  Any subsequent change to the NZ Government GST rate, and Mercury Service Fees within the period of this agreement will apply.
  5. You may generate electricity from your solar equipment to sell to us provided that we continue to supply your property with electricity.  We will pay you for your generated electricity at the buyback rate specified in your pricing plan. If your network company introduces buyback network charges we may change the buyback rate you receive to take account of such change.
  6. GST on your generated electricity:
    1. You must inform Mercury of your GST registration status prior to the first electricity supply you make to Mercury under clause 6 of these special terms.  Where you are GST registered pursuant to the Goods and Services Act 1985, you must also provide Mercury with your GST registration number.
    2. You must notify Mercury if your GST registration status subsequently changes.
    3. Where you notify Mercury that you are GST registered:
      1. Mercury will issue you with a buyer-created tax invoice (“BCTI”) for each taxable supply made by you pursuant to clause 6 of these special terms and you will not issue a tax invoice for that supply, and 
      2. Mercury will pay you, in addition to any other amount payable by Mercury pursuant to clause 6 of these special terms, an amount equal to GST shown in the BCTI.  This GST will be paid at the same time as we pay you for your generated electricity.

  7. For the duration of our supply of energy to you under this plan, you will be able to access GEM for Solar at no additional cost. Mercury may suspend or cancel the availability of GEM for Solar at its discretion. You agree and acknowledge that your personal information may be used by Mercury (and disclosed to, and used by, the third party service providers involved in the operation of GEM for Solar) to provide you with access to GEM for Solar.
  8. This offer or pricing plan cannot be combined (in whole or in part) with any other Mercury offer or pricing plan.
  9. All other Mercury Terms & Conditions apply. Please refer to our website for full details.