Online Only Price Plan


1. The Online Only Price Plan for electricity customers is available to new and existing credit-checked residential customers who have a suitable metering configuration and who are located in the Vector Central and Vector Northern, & Counties network areas. This offer is only available to those who have initially signed up online at

2. This offer is only available if you sign up to the Online Only Price Plan for a 2 year period, during which period the only electricity price review that may apply will be a capped electricity price increase of no greater than 5%. That 2 year period will commence on the date that we accept your application. Any capped price increase will only apply in the second year of your 2 year term i.e. following a review that will occur one year from the date of sign up. In the first year of your 2 year term, your prices will be what you signed up to on the Online Only Price Plan.

3. Changes during the 2 year term:

  1. If you choose to terminate your contract prior to expiry of the 2 year period, you agree to pay an early termination fee of $150 (inclusive of GST, if any) per residential connection, to compensate Mercury for its losses. This early termination fee does not apply if:
    1. you cancel within 30 days of your Online Only Price Plan confirmation letter and your prior rates will apply during that period; or 
    2. your term is a renewal term.
  2. If you move property during the 2 year period, within the same network and have the same meter configuration, you will be able to carry your then-applicable price plan forward to your new property for the remainder of the 2 year period. 
  3. If you move outside of your current network or to a new property with a different meter configuration, you may not be able to carry your then-applicable prices forward with you. However, in this instance, you will not be charged a termination fee, provided you remain a Mercury customer. Please contact us should this arise. 
  4. If your meter configuration changes, your price will be changed to the appropriate contract prices which matches the new meter configuration.
  5. If your meter configuration is found to be incorrect or unsuitable for the Price Plan, Mercury has the right to correct the pricing and place you on the correct pricing plan that matches your meter configuration. 
  6. The fixed price plan does not include GST, and any of the Mercury Service Fees (as available on our website). Any subsequent change to the NZ Government GST rate, and Mercury Service Fees within the period of this agreement will apply. Please note that while the rates for other individual components of your total prices may change, your total prices will remain the same in line with this plan.

4. Your Online Only Price Plan term (and each subsequent renewal term (if any)), will be automatically renewed for a further term of 2 years if Mercury sends you written notice of your new prices before the end of the current term.

  1. You may choose not to renew your fixed price plan for a further term by giving Mercury notice by email, phone or in writing, opting out of such renewal within the last 30 days of your then-current fixed price plan term.
  2. If, for any reason, Mercury does not notify you of the prices that will apply to a renewal term before the end of the then-current term, your Online Only Price Plan will expire at the end of such term. If your Online Only Price Plan term is not renewed at the end of the then-current term (for any reason) then you will revert to standard Mercury prices at the end of such term.

5. Billing and payment:

  1. Under the Online Only Price Plan, you will receive your regular monthly invoice online by email only.
  2. The Online Only Price Plan is only available to customers who complete and maintain a valid direct debit authority in respect of all amounts payable to Mercury.

6. This offer or pricing plan cannot be combined (in whole or part) with any other Mercury offer or pricing plan.

7. All other Mercury Terms and Conditions apply.