3 Year Fixed Extension


  1. By opting in for 3 Year Fixed Extension, your fixed price plan term will be automatically extended for one additional year from the end of your current term end date.
  2. The new rates shown on the letter forming part of this extension and renewal offer will apply from the date of your acceptance of this offer until the end of your extended term (i.e. from now until the end of your original three year term, plus one year).
  3. Your fixed price plan term (and each subsequent renewal term (if any)), will be automatically renewed for a further term if Mercury sends you written notice of your new fixed rates before the end of the extended term.  If, for any reason, Mercury does not notify you of the prices that will apply to a renewal term before the end of the then-current term, your fixed price plan will expire at the end of such term.
  4. If you choose to terminate your contract prior to expiry of the initial 3 year period, you agree to pay an early termination fee of $150 (inclusive of GST, if any) per residential connection, to compensate Mercury for its losses. This early termination fee does not apply if:
    1. You cancel within 30 days of your 3 Year Fixed Price Plan confirmation letter and your prior rates will apply during that period: or
    2. Your term is a renewal term.
  5. Other than the rate adjustment set out in clause 2 and the auto renewal terms set out in clauses 3 and 4 above, your 3 Year Fixed Extension price plan will have the same terms and conditions as your current 3 Year Fixed price plan.