Save $250 on E-TWOW E.Scooters
Terms and Conditions

  1. Mercury has partnered with E-TWOW Scooters NZ Limited, trading as E-TWOW, to bring Mercury customers special discounts on selected e.scooter models, while stocks are available. Mercury customers buying selected e.scooters through E-TWOW will be eligible for a $250 discount off the price ("Offer"). By purchasing a discounted e.scooter under this Offer, you agree to these terms and conditions.

  2. The discount is set by E-TWOW and will be offered by E-TWOW at point of sale at the time of your e.scooter purchase on E-TWOW's website.

  3. A limit of 2 redemptions of this Offer per Mercury customer applies.

  4. To redeem your Offer, go to E-TWOW's website and follow our How To Buy instructions. This Offer only applies to the following E-TWOW e.scooter model:

    1. BoosterPlus scooter

  5. E-TWOW's warranty in respect of e.scooters is located on their website.

  6. This Offer is exclusive to Mercury customers.

  7. Mercury’s E.Scooter Offers terms apply.