Bach Plan - Terms and Conditions

The Kiwi Bach is an institution. We’re excited to offer our customers a plan that will make it even easier to enjoy your slice of heaven without having to worry about a big power bill after you’ve had the extended family invite themselves over for the week! Here’s everything you need to know about the Plan - Lots of words, we know, but grab a cup of tea and have a read!

  1. This Bach Plan is available to existing residential Mercury customers and new Mercury residential customers. If you’re a new residential customer you’ll need to be accepted as a Mercury customer in accordance with Mercury’s standard terms and conditions, which might include a satisfactory credit check.
  1. To sign-up to the Bach Plan simply sign-up through our website and select “Bach” under Property Type. This will automatically apply the Bach Plan to your property.
  1. Unsurprisingly, the Bach Plan is only available to your Bach which includes your secondary residential property, where you probably spend your long weekends and summers.. You won’t be able to apply the Bach Plan to your primary residence and we can remove the Bach Plan from your property at any time if we find out it is not a Bach.
  1. This is an open plan which means that you’ll receive the benefits of this plan while your Bach and residential property continue to be supplied by Mercury. If we ever need to make changes to the Bach Plan we’ll do this in accordance with our standard residential terms and conditions.
Bach Plan Prompt Payment Discount
  1. With the Bach Plan you can earn up to 22% off your rates for your Bach:
    1. You’ll earn a bonus prompt payment discount of 10% on any Bill Payment you make to Mercury (“PPD”).
    2. You can also earn our standard 10% PPD on any Bill Payment you make to Mercury for 24 months after you sign up.
    3. If you sign up for online billing and pay by direct debit you’ll earn an additional 2% PPD on any Bill Payment you make to Mercury.
“Bill Payments” means the actual amount, in New Zealand dollars, that you pay to Mercury when you receive a bill.
  1. If you pay your Mercury bill in full and on time, we will then apply your PPD as a credit to your next invoice.
  1. The Bach Plan reduced rate is eligible only to bach properties in the Thames Valley, Taupo, Rotorua and Tauranga network areas. Other properties outside these network areas, or primary residences are not eligible for this Offer.
Other important stuff
  1. Solar customers who sign up to the Bach Plan will receive our standard buyback rate of 8c/kWh, and will not be eligible for any special buy-back rates.
  1. We hope you never need to give up your Bach, but we know it can happen sometimes. Because this is an open plan, you can end the Bach Plan at any time – just let us know. If you do end your Bach Plan with us, you can’t take the discounts with you to another property (unless it is another Bach – you lucky thing!).
  1. Unless we tell you otherwise, you cannot combine this Bach Plan with any other Mercury offer or pricing plan.
  1. The Plan is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  1. Mercury’s Privacy Policy and standard residential terms apply. Please see our website for full details.