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n3 Mercury Plan

(for n3 members only)

The following terms and conditions for the n3 Mercury Plan (“Plan”) are for Members (“Members”) of n3 Ltd ("n3") only:

  1. The Plan is only available to Members:
    1. for the supply of electricity to commercial premises/sites;
    2. who are signing up to a two or three Fixed Price Agreement where Energy Charges are fixed at the agreed Plan price. However Mercury (“Mercury”) reserves the right to pass on any changes to: the GST rate; the forecast effect on the price of energy of any future changes to the Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme; Service Fees; and changes to Other Charges, which are made up of distribution and other lines company charges, and government imposed taxes, fees and/or levies;
    3. who remain Members for the term of the Fixed Price Agreement (subject to verification of membership, and if a customer ceases to be a Member it will move to  Mercury’s standard Prompt Payment Discount); and
  2. who are not already on a Fixed Price Agreement with Mercury.
  3. The Plan may not be combined with any of Mercury’s other partnership plans.
  4. Mercury reserves the right to change the terms of the Plan, by giving 30 days written notice, if its contract with n3 ends or is amended. 
  5. This Agreement is also subject to Mercury’s Standard Terms and Conditions for Business Customers,  Business Fixed Price AgreementAirpoints and Mercury’s Airpoints terms.