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GEM for your business


What is GEM?

GEM is an energy tracking and reporting tool that gives you greater visibility and control of your business’ energy usage and costs (“GEM Service”). 


How do I access the GEM Service? 

To access GEM, simply register or log-in to My Account on the Mercury website ( and click on the GEM navigation tab. By using the My Account service, you are agreeing to these GEM terms and conditions.   


Who is GEM available to?

Not all GEM features are available to all customers or all types of electricity meters. The GEM features available are largely dependent upon what type of meter you have; a smart meter or an analogue meter.

Even if you don’t have a smart meter, you can still experience the benefits of GEM: 

  1. Previous month/s usage and costs
  2. Bill comparison
  3. View energy savings tips and set a goal to see how you’re tracking



The small but important stuff about GEM’s features

Usage Details 

The amounts shown in the cost view include GST and assumes that you have received (or will receive) any prompt payment discount applicable to your plan, even if you did not receive that discount for the period shown. Other discounts are not reflected. The daily and half-hourly views are only available to some smart meter customers and only show the variable cost component and do not include the daily fixed charge. Please be aware of this if comparing against your total bill. Data may be estimated if actual meter reads are unavailable.


Bill Comparisons

Bill comparisons are based on your actual usage and current energy prices at the time of each bill and do not account for any price plan changes.  The amounts include GST and assume that you have received Mercury's Prompt Payment Discount, even if you did not receive the discount for the period shown. Data may be estimated if actual meter reads are unavailable.  Bill comparisons are available for all customers. 


Saving Tips 

Tips offer general information about potential efficiencies and savings that could be achieved in a typical small to medium business in New Zealand. These tips are not specifically tailored to any individual, business, or appliance. Actual savings and efficiencies may vary subject to your personal circumstances, including individual appliances, how you use them, current energy prices and your business' consumption. To learn more about some of the key sources used to develop these tips, please visit  Savings tips are available for all our customers to view. 


When will I get a smart meter? 

At present approximately one-third of Mercury business customers nationwide have smart meters.  We expect this to increase significantly over the next two years. 


Changes to GEM Services and these terms and conditions 

We may at any time modify, add to or suspend the GEM Services, the way you access the GEM Services or any of these GEM terms and conditions, by notifying you of any changes via email, by posting information on our website, or any other means.  If we amend these terms and conditions, your continued use of the GEM Services will indicate your agreement and acceptance of those amendments.



We have taken care to ensure that the information provided in GEM is as accurate and reliable as possible, but, mistakes may occur.  To the extent permitted by law, Mercury is not liable for any inaccuracy in the information contained in GEM.