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Fonterra Farm Source Mercury Plan

(for Fonterra Farm Source Customers Only)


The following terms and conditions for the Fonterra Farm Source Mercury Plan (“Plan”) are for Fonterra Farm Source Account holders only:

  1. Provision of the Fonterra Farm Source Mercury Plan benefits is only available to current Fonterra Farm Source Account Holders, and is subject to approval by Fonterra Farm Source (“Farm Source”).
  2. Farm Source can withdraw their approval if you exceed your Farm Source credit limit and/or don’t pay Farm Source by the 20th of the following month, as outlined in Farm Source’s Terms of Supply of Goods and Services.
  3. If Farm Source withdraws their approval, or if you close your account with Farm Source, you will move to Mercury’s standard Prompt Payment Discount (of 10%, as at time of printing).
  4. Farm Source will bill your Farm Source Account the monthly amounts owing on your Mercury account for your electricity consumption and the associated charges, after receiving this information from us.
  5. Farm Source will pay Mercury for any amounts due on your Mercury account, even if an amount is disputed by you. You may take up any disputes with Mercury as outlined in their Standard Terms and Conditions for Business Customers.
  6. The Plan may not be combined with any of Mercury’s other partnership.
  7. The Plan is available for your non-Half Hour Register metered ICPs and/or your Half Hour Register (“HHR”) metered ICPs, but the discount (of 12%, as at time of printing) and the additional discount for Fonterra Suppliers do not apply to the HHR metered ICPs.
  8. Mercury reserves the right to change the terms of the Plan, by giving you 30 days written notice, if their contract with either Farm Source or Fonterra ends.
  9. This deal is also subject to Mercury’s Standard Terms and Conditions for Business CustomersAirpoints and Mercury’s Airpoints terms.


Deferred winter payment plan - terms and conditions

  1. Mercury is offering eligible Fonterra Farm Source customers the option to defer payment of their June, July, August and September electricity bills until November 2018.
  2. To take advantage of the offer, you;
    1. must apply for the offer any time from 1 May to 30 September 2018; and
    2. must comply with any applicable Fonterra Farm Source terms and conditions (which may include passing a credit check); and 
    3. must have and maintain a Fonterra Farm Source Mercury Plan (referred to as “Your Plan”), until the end of November 2018.
  3. Under the offer, you can defer the due date for the June, July, August and September bills under Your Plan, but only if you were signed up for the offer before the end of the relevant billing cycle.
  4. Payment of all deferred bills will be due in November 2018, on the normal due date for the October bill under Your Plan.
  5. If Your Plan ends before November 2018, the deferral will end too, and you will need to pay all deferred bills on your next due date.
  6. While you’re taking advantage of the offer, you will remain entitled to all of your existing Mercury discounts or rebates so long as you pay all deferred electricity bills before the November 2018 due date, but you will not be eligible for any other offer or promotion from Mercury.
  7. The “Fonterra Farm Source Mercury Plan Terms and Conditions” and the “Standard Terms and Conditions for Business Customers” continue to apply.