Solar for business

If you're looking for a solar solution for your business, we can help. 

We'll look after you every step of the way to ensure the process is smooth and easy so you can start generating your own renewable energy. 
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Your end to end solar experts


Consult, design, supply & facilitate custom installations to meet your needs.


Both hybrid and full off-grid solutions.

We provide analytics so you can monitor your usage in real-time.


We work in partnership with you to design and deliver a solution to meet your needs.

Why Mercury?

The home of renewable energy - 100% of our generation comes from renewable sources – hydro and geothermal.

One stop shop - from consultative sales to installation and post-installation support.

World leading tech - we've partnered with global brands like Tesla to bring top technology to NZ.

Dedicated research & development centre - we've built a R&D centre to focus on solar battery storage and energy technologies. 

R&D centre

The new Research and Development Centre sits on the site of the former gas-fired Southdown power station.
We'll be trialling a variety of solar panels, including advanced prototypes not yet available in New Zealand  which are expected to offer unprecedented levels of efficiency, great new look design and 30-year performance guarantees.
The latest battery technologies will be integrated with solar generation, as well as EV charging, to show how a total ‘home energy ecosystem’ can create, store and use energy. Solar Analytics’ patented monitoring and optimisation software will also be installed at the site.

Tesla PowerWall

Tesla Powerwall is our latest storage solution providing energy storage for solar self-consumption as well as backup. 
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