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How energy measures up

Let's put your energy spend into perspective. Here's how it compares to other day to day expenses. 
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The below stats reflect an average weekly spend in an NZ household. Note: energy consumption is made up of electricity, gas and solid fuels. 

Education 1.74%

Alcohol & tobacco 2.38%

Communication 2.73%

Clothing & footwear 2.92%

Health 2.98%

Household energy 3.62%

Household contents & services 3.78%

Other expenditure including interest rates / refunds 8.08%

Miscellaneous goods & services 8.87%

Recreation & culture 9.14%

Transport & fuel 15.02%

Total food 16.80%

Rent, rates & home maintenance 21.94%

Source: For further details visit Statistics New Zealand - Household Expenditure Statistics: Year ended June 2016. Household Expenditure Statistics are compiled every 3 years, the next report will be available in 2019.