Electricity and gas prices vary from region to region, and sometimes from home to home - depending on your meter type. Your energy bill is made up of a range of charges which you can learn more about below.
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Annual Price Plan review

To make sure you're on the most cost effective price plan, we check your energy usage every 12 months (as long as you're not on a fixed term plan). If we've got a better price plan for your needs, we'll automatically change it for you. It's all part of our commitment to great service. 

Think your usage might increase or decrease due to a change of appliances, or a change in who's living at home? Get in touch and we can talk to you about pricing and plan options.

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What's in an electricity bill?

// Energy 46%

The cost of generating and providing the electricity you use. Mercury works out this part of your bill.

// Transmission 10%

The cost of moving electricity over Transpower's National Grid between power stations and local lines. Your lines company tells us the cost.

// GST 15%

Goods and services tax (15%) Just like buying groceries, GST applies to all parts of your bill.

// Distribution 25%

The cost of moving electricity over from your local lines company to your property.

// Metering 5%

The cost from companies that own, maintain and read electricity meters.

// Other less than 1%

This covers the Electricity Authority Levy. The Electricity Authority is responsible for the operation of the electricity market.

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100% renewable generation

100% of our generation comes from renewable sources - hydro and geothermal. This is something we are pretty proud of - the energy we generate is clean and green, which is good for New Zealand. It's a great way for our customers to contribute towards a healthier environment.

We ♥ NZ

Partnerships and kaitiakitanga are at the heart of our business. We are proud to assist with the wellbeing of the New Zealand community by supporting a number of organisations. 

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EV Charging

EV Charging

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