What's included in this plan?

This 2 year fixed plan with Goal Zero gives you price certainty for 2 years and a Solar charging kit for you to keep. Terms and an early termination fee apply.

How accurate is the estimate?

We can give you the most accurate bill estimate when you provide details of your energy usage from a previous bill. If you don't have a bill handy, we use the average of similar households in your area to give you an estimated monthly cost.

Do prices include GST?

Our rates exclude GST as this is the industry standard. However, we've included the GST in your summer and winter estimates to give you a better idea of your total monthly bill.

What's the difference between standard and low energy users?

Low energy users tend to use fewer than 8000 kWh per year and typically only have 1-2 people at home - or are really energy efficient! Standard energy users usually use 8000+ kWh per year and usually have 3+ people at home - or there might be some energy hungry items at home.

Can I get gas?

Mercury offers mains piped gas together with electricity on a dual fuel discount of 15c/day. The summer and winter estimations in this form do not include this discount - this will be applied when the sign up process is complete.

Piped Gas is only available in the North Island. We do not offer LPG or gas only plans at this time.

Can I edit my information after signing up?

Yep! If you have entered incorrect information by mistake you don't have to complete this form again. Simply reply to your confirmation email and we'll update your details for you. Or, as soon as your switch is complete (usually within 2 weeks) you will be able to log into My Account to check and edit your details as needed.

Can I earn Airpoints on my monthly bill?

Yes, you can earn Airpoints on both your electricity and gas spend each month. For more information read our Airpoints™ FAQs.

Is there a warranty on the Goal Zero products?

Yes there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any issues please contact us on 0800 10 18 10 and we will deal with any warranty issues on your behalf.

When will I receive my Goal Zero kit?

Your kit will be sent to your address within 1 month of you becoming an active Mercury customer.

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