MCY020 Capital Bonds.

MCY020 Capital Bonds.

Mercury’s Capital Bonds trade on the NZX Debt Market under the ticker MCY020.

MCY020 Basics.

MCY020 Basics.

3.6% Interest rate until 11 July 2024

BB+ Standard & Poor’s issue credit rating

11 JULY 2049 Maturity Date unless redeemed earlier


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MCY020 Key terms.

MCY020 Key terms.


Unsecured, subordinated, redeemable, cumulative, interest bearing debt obligation.

Credit Rating

Standard & Poor’s issue credit rating of BB+

Interest Rate

Pays 3.6% until 11 July 2024. The interest rate will be reset every five years.

Interest Payment Dates

11 January, 11 April, 11 July and 11 October of each year and ending in the Maturity Date.

Deferral of Interest

Any time for up to five years.

Reset Dates

11 July 2024 and every fifth anniversary of that date.

Maturity Date

11 July 2049 unless redeemed earlier.

Optional Early Redemption by the Company

Any reset Date, any interest Payment Date if a Successful Election Process has not been undertaken in respect of that Reset Date, on a Tax event or Rating Agency Event if the outstanding amount of the Capital Bonds is less than $100 million.