Manage your usage


Stay on top of your energy usage with My Account. Monitor and control how you are using energy in your home.

Usage Details

Track how you’re using energy and what it’s costing you. You can also see how the colder temperatures impact your usage and when your peak times are.


Keep up to date


The weekly GEM usage email shows you how much power you used last week and gives you a day-by-day breakdown. You’ll also get a projected bill estimate and tips on how you can save. All delivered straight to your inbox - how easy is that?


If we notice a spike in your usage and it looks like you’re heading for a bill that’s higher than the same time last year, we’ll send you a heads up so you’re not surprised.

Your bill and ways to save

Our bill comparison tool, usage graphs, and savings tips work together to help you understand your bill, and how to keep it under control. 

Bill Comparisons

You compare your current bill to the last month or last year to get a handle on what’s normal for your home.

Compare bills

Savings tips

We’ve pulled together a whole lot of tips and tricks to help keep your usage and costs under control.

Savings tips