Do it on the go with our app.

Do it on the go with our app.

Track your energy usage and manage your bills on the go. Plus, sign up to rewards and enjoy our wonderful challenges. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.

Why the Mercury app?

Track your usage.

Track your usage.

View your energy usage on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.
Manage your bills.

Manage your bills.

View and pay your bills in our app.
My account.

My account.

Everything you need to manage your account is in our app.

Why our customers like the app.

Jason Review
“Easy to use, quick to see my bill and balance owing. Rewards are great, and it’s easy to pay off my bill.”

– Jason
Amy Review
“Love getting discounts off my power bill, and being able to easily check my bill amount, due date and usage.”

– Amy
James Review
“The step challenges are so good, they really help keep me active, and the rewards are great motivation!”

– James
Earn wonderful rewards.

Earn wonderful rewards.

Sign up to earn rewards and unlock new ways to earn points, like paying your bill. Complete challenges in our app to earn competition entries and points.

Fancy Free Power Days? A credit on your bill? Save up those points and the choice is yours. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.


Check out our most commonly asked questions about the Mercury app below, or head over to our FAQs for more help.

You can pay your Mercury bill and track your usage through the app.
If you sign up to earn rewards, our app also lets you earn points when you complete challenges and pay any portion of your bill. You can redeem rewards like Free Power Days and bill credits in the app. Discover ways to earn and spend here. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.

If you're a Mercury customer you just need to search Mercury in your app store, the Apple app store if you use an iPhone or the Google play app store if your phone is Android. If you're not already a Mercury customer you can join online and then use the app once you've become a customer.

You can complete step challenges using your iOS or Android phone. Apple Watch can be used alongside your phone for iOS (it won’t count steps for Android). Fitbit can be used for iOS or Android however you can’t use it alongside another device. We're looking to add other wearable devices soon!

You can enter multiple challenges at one time, however you can’t have more than one step challenge in play at the same time. We generally plan step challenges to start one after the other, so they don’t overlap for this reason.

Your Google Fit data is tied to your Google account (not your phone) so giving the app permission to your Google account means it can record your step count to the right place.


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