Need power for medical reasons?

Need power for medical reasons?

If you are dependent on power for medical reason or are a vulnerable customer please fill out one of the forms below.

If it's vital your power stays on, it's vital you let us know.

If you or someone you’re living with is dependent on mains electricity for critical medical support (for example, for the use of medical equipment); and the loss of electricity could result in loss of life or serious harm it’s important that you let us know.

If you think you are medically dependent you can complete the online form here or phone 0800 10 18 10

Are you a vulnerable customer?

If you or someone you're living with needs power because of age, health or disability and the loss of electricity is a threat to health or wellbeing; and/or it is genuinely difficult to pay electricity bills because of severe financial insecurity then you should get in touch.


Payment options.

​Pay your bill in stages

We may be able to help you by letting you pay your bill in instalments. If we agree, the amount owed can be repaid over a set period of time. Any new charges must be paid when they are due.

Your income goes directly to help pay your bill

Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to use some of your wages, salary or benefit to directly pay your bill (this is called Income Redirection). This may make things easier for you, as it may be possible to pay a regular set amount.

Smooth your payments and keep things the same each month

We may, depending on your circumstances, be able to take the highs and lows out of your yearly electricity costs so that you pay the same amount for your power each month. We can also add on to this any debt you owe. We’ll keep an eye on what you’re actually using and re-adjust your monthly payment if required, so you’ll never be paying more than you need to.


You can choose a pay-as-you-go electricity product such as GLOBUG. This may make it easier for you to manage your electricity spend and keep on top of payments. Pay-as-you-go electricity is not suitable for customers reliant on power for medical reasons or those whose wellbeing would be threatened by loss of electricity. Please contact us for more options if this applies to you.

To find out more, please call our Customer Payment Solutions Team on 0800 10 18 60.