Got a question about Meters?

Got a question about Meters?

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Meter FAQs


A smart meter is an electricity meter that can digitally send meter readings to us. This ensures accurate meter readings & energy bills, as well as enabling you to get the best of your energy usage information in My Account.


Smart meters usually have digital displays which will flash between a few different readings. If you’re not sure, you can get in touch with us directly via email or call us on 0800 10 18 10.


To find out how to upgrade to a smart meter, simply give us a ring on 0800 10 18 10. Easy as. Fees may apply.


An estimated bill is based on an estimated meter reading. An actual bill is based on an actual meter reading, meaning you are billed for the exact amount of energy you use.

While modern meters or smart meters are automatically read, older meters and all gas meters have to be read manually to get an accurate reading. This often involves a Meter Reader visiting your property every other month to take a reading. You can also provide a customer reading yourself in My Account here, or by heading over to ‘Bills’ and tapping ‘Meter Reading’ in our app.

We always try to get an actual meter reading however when it’s not possible we have to estimate. Estimated meter readings can lead to inaccurate bills because you can be under or over charged for the energy you use. So, if you do have an older type of meter, it’s important you do what you can to make sure you get an actual or customer reading regularly.


We try to be as accurate as possible when we estimate meter readings, however there are a number of factors that can lead to under or over estimations, including the following:

Change of circumstances at home: when you have more or less people staying with you than usual or when you’ve installed a new appliance that uses more energy.

Change of season, especially winter: when you’ve not been using the heat pump but now it’s getting colder you start to use it regularly.

We have no data on your usage: when it’s the first time we’ve billed you for a particular property.

We don't have access to the meter:this could be because your meter is inside, behind a locked gate or there’s a dog which means we can’t access your property.


You can see on your bill if it’s based on an estimated meter reading. Head to the second page of your bill and look under the heading ‘latest reading’. If it says ‘estimated reading’ then you know it’s based on an estimated meter reading. See below example:


It's the best way to provide you with an accurate bill. If we can read your meter, we can make sure that you pay only for the energy you actually use. In addition the Government requires us to read your meter on a regular basis.
  1. Avoid building fences, gardens etc close to your electricity or gas meter
  2. Ensure gardens are trimmed back and not blocking your meter
  3. If your meter is tricky to find, get in touch with details on how to access it
  4. Ensure gates are unlocked and can be opened by meter readers (if you have a dog, you need to let us know)
  5. You can supply a key for gate/door locks to ensure access. These will be stored in a secure facility and can be returned to you at any time
  6. If you have a dog, please ensure they're secured away from the meter area during the scheduled meter reading period
  7. If your meter is located inside your home, consider having an electrician move it to a more accessible location
  8. Submit your own meter readings by logging into My Account (acceptance of customer readings is at our discretion. See our detailed FAQ below.)

Yes, you can enter a customer meter read through My Account or head to our app. Don’t have My Account? Register here.

Please note: we will need to read your meter at least once every four months as we are required to by Government legislation. Remember that only one customer meter reading will be accepted in a 23 day period, and multiple meters/registers for the same premise must be entered all at the same time.

Acceptance of customer provided readings is at Mercury's discretion.

Yes, you can submit your meter reading in My Account. Simply follow the steps or screenshot below. 
  1. Click on ‘Bills’ in the navigation Menu.
  2. Click on the 'Services' tab
  3. Enter your meter reading
  4. Click ‘Submit’. 
Enter your meter reading here




You can get access to your consumption data regardless of if you are a current Mercury Customer or not. 

Mercury customers

Log into ‘My Account’ on your desktop computer, go to ‘update my details’ and then ‘consumption data request’. Simply fill in the form and you’ll be sent your consumption data via email within 5 working days. 

Mercury customers requesting authorisation for third-party agents

Log into ‘My Account’ on your desktop computer and go to ‘update my details’ and then ‘consumption data request’. Simply fill in the form for the authorisation code request and you’ll get the authorisation code upon submission of form.  

Agents requesting customer data

All requests for customer data must be submitted via the EIEP  Transfer Hub using EIEP13C. Your EIEP13C request must also include the customer authorisation code (obtainable from our website) which we require to verify your request and the customer’s consent.  We will not be able to process any requests that do not contain the authorisation code. 
Consumption data requests will be responded to within 5 working days via the EIEP Transfer Hub.

Ex-Mercury customers

If you have not been a Mercury customer for more than 3 months, please call us on 0800 10 18 10 to request your consumption data or to get an authorisation code for a third-party to access your data. 

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