Introducing Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an intelligent assistant you can talk to. With any Alexa-enabled device you can play music, hear the news, check the weather, and now you can get handy Mercury account information; wonderful!

We’re excited to have a new, easy way for our customers to interact with Mercury. So ‘keep an ear out’, for even more ways to get the information you want from us easily.

What you can do

Check your balance

Check your balance

You can log in to your account via Alexa and ask for your account balance. Alexa will tell you if you’ve got credit, an outstanding balance or if your bill is due. 

Get Energy Saving tips

Get Energy Saving tips

We've gathered a few of our most helpful tips to help you save energy and keep your bills down.


Learn more about Mercury

Learn more about Mercury

We've packed in some interesting facts and our latest offers for customers.


Things you can say

To begin or revisit the menu, say "Alexa, open Mercury". 

"Alexa, what's my Account Balance"

  • “Account balance”
  • “How much is my bill?”
  • “How much do I owe you?”
“Alexa, give me an energy saving tip”

“Alexa, give me an energy saving tip”

  • “Give me a tip”
  • “How can I save energy?”
  • “How can I reduce my bill?”
“Alexa, tell me about Mercury”

“Alexa, tell me about Mercury”

  • “Tell me more about Mercury”
  • “What does Mercury do?”
  • “Get Mercury offers”

To get Started

Once you’ve got any Alexa-enabled device and downloaded the Amazon Alexa App, you can start using the Mercury skill.
  1. Enable the skill – Open the Amazon Alexa app. Select “Skills” and search for Mercury. Select “Enable”.
  2. Link your Mercury account – When prompted, enter your Mercury My Account login details.
  3. Talk to Alexa – To begin, simply say “Alexa, open Mercury”.
The Mercury Skill is only available in the Australian Alexa Skill store, so to use it make sure your  Amazon account is set to ‘AU’.

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