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We're here to help. Check out our tools and tips on how to stay in control of your electricity costs, and if you need support with paying your power bill please contact us.

You've Joined the Electric Revolution.

You've Joined the Electric Revolution.

Electricity is already super cheap compared to petrol or diesel, and for our EV owners, it could be as low as the equivalent of 40c a litre when you charge up at home. Check out EECA’s estimates here.

If you're a plug-in vehicle owner, you could get 20% off your electricity usage between 9pm - 7am every night, at both your home and bach for 2 years. To see if you're eligible, fill out the form below. Terms apply.


Get your EV Savings

You'll need a smart meter to get this offer so we'll install one for free if you don't already have one. Fill out the form and we'll be in touch to confirm your eligibility. Terms apply.