Charge anywhere

New to the world of electric vehicles and have a few questions? Things like - how do you charge them? Where do you charge them? And, how much does it cost?

The answers are: Very easily, anywhere you like and it costs the equivalent of 30c per litre. See below for details.

Ways to Charge


At home

Charge at home or your
bach while you sleep on
our wonderful EV fuel package. Check your eligibility.


At a friend's

Good friends will let you 
charge at their place, or 
make new ones on the 
EV Facebook page. 



Check out the Electric 
Highway to see all of 
the public charging stations 
in NZ. Find out more.

Plan your EV road trip

You can do a long distance trip in an EV - all you need to do is plan ahead! Below are some wonderful trips we've planned using the Electric Highway app. Stop along the way to take in the sights! *Information is correct as of the 28th February 2018. These road trip plans show you how a trip could be made in a pure EV with a range of over 100km. 

242kms Auckland - Kerikeri.
View on map.

372kms Wellington - Taupo.
View on map.

361kmCHCH - Dunedin.
View on map

EV savings calculator

Give our EV savings calculator a try to see how much you could save on fueling an EV. 

Try it now

EV road trip tips

To make sure you're all set for your next EV road trip check out the tips below!

01. Charging

EVs can charge anywhere! Charge at home, or at a friends place, or check out the Electric Highway for hundreds of public charging locations.

02. Watch your driving

Get further using cruise control to keep your speed consistent, and by avoiding heavy braking.

03. Know your range

Head off all charged up and know how far your car can go before you need a top-up.

04. Reduce resistance

Remove your roof rack and anything that could cause resistance.