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Ride Safely

Ride Safely

We want you to ride your e.scooter as safely as possible so we've created some top tips to make sure every ride is wonderful.

Safety tips for riding e.scooters Old


  1. Always wear a safety helmet – use an approved bicycle or skateboard helmet that fits properly with the chin strap in place and protects the back of your head.
  2. 18 years and over – the e.scooter is for adults only and you must be 18 years or over to ride one.
  3. Speed safety – be aware of your surroundings and make sure your speed is suited. Remember to add the speed control if you want to make sure you can cruise up to a certain speed.
  4. Max weight load – the maximum load on e.scooters is 110kg.
  5. The laws – please obey all applicable local and national traffic, insurance and helmet laws, including not driving while under the influence of alcohol.
  6. You must ride alone – these e.scooters are designed for single users/ riders. These e.scooters cannot sustain a lot of weight, and the consequences of the additional weight can mean imbalances or other mishaps.
  7. Never operate a mobile phone while riding an e.scooter.
  8. Appropriate clothing – ensure any loose clothing can be secured in place to ensure nothing gets caught in the wheels and never ride the e.scooter barefoot.
  9. Be sensible – use your common sense when you see an obstacle like stairs, slippery surfaces or gravel, and slow down or get off and walk the e.scooter if you need to.
  10. Be aware that when riding on slippery or loose surfaces it is easy to lose control and when operating electrically the speed will increase as there is no resistance.
  11. Check the conditions – to avoid damages to the electrical parts of the vehicle please do not immerse the e.scooter in water with a depth of more than 4cm. Oily, icy surfaces, heavy rain and high winds aren’t great riding conditions either.
  12. When using your e.scooter at night make sure you can be seen, wear reflective clothing.