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Kiss oil goodbye. Join the electric revolution.

A house with wind turbines and a dam in the distance.
A house with wind turbines in the distance.

Renewable Energy

The way we generate electricity in NZ is truly wonderful. Last year, over 80% of our country’s electricity supply came from renewable sources, and at Mercury that number was 100%. We think it’s time for it to power more of our transport fleet too...

An electric vehicle charging station.
An electric vehicle charging station.


EVs are powerful, quiet, and remarkably cheap to run. The electric options in NZ are growing everyday so we think it’s time to kiss goodbye to petrol cars. EVs are our future, but they’re here now...

An E.Bike kiosk.
An E.Bike kiosk.


E.bikes are gravity defying, traffic-beating and awesome fun. They’re not just a better bike, they’re an alternative to a car for commuting and other short trips. Don't take our word for it, try one (or buy one) for yourself...

E.Scooters in Wellington and Auckland.
E.Scooters in Wellington and Auckland.


E.scooters have revolutionised inner city transport in our major centres over the past couple of years. We think they're a wonderful way to make those short trips fast and fun...

Possibilities of the future.
Possibilities of the future.

E.Other Stuff

Electric planes, trains, skateboards, farm vehicles, or even walking. There’s an electric solution to suit nearly every need...

People protesting with signs saying Kiss Oil Goodbye.
People protesting with signs saying Kiss Oil Goodbye.

Join the electric revolution

Using home-grown, renewable electricity to do more things is our generation’s revolution. We have great deals for your home or business, and wonderful offers on electric transport. It’s time to join the movement...

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Ride Days.

Ride Days.

We run regular ride days at events around NZ. Check out where we’re going to be next.

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Esti's story.

Esti's story.

e is for effortles hill rides.
Meet Esti, an e.revolutionary.

<a id="lockydocks"></a>Lock, dock & recharge for free!

Lock, dock & recharge for free!

Calling all bikes, e.bikes and e.scooters.

Get ready to lock and charge for free at Big Street Bikers’ Locky Docks! Kicking off in Christchurch, together we’re bringing the worlds most secure bike locking stations to the streets of NZ.

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We love e.bikes.

E.bikes are wonderful, here are just some of the reasons why.

Flatten hills

E.bikes give you the freedom to get out and enjoy the ride.

Beat traffic

Breeze through rush-hour and give parking the flick.

10c per 100km

Charge up for less.


Mercury customers can unlock wonderful offers on e.bikes.

Join the revolution

Pledge to go electric and
be part of a more sustainable future.