7 Simple Swaps To Make Moving
House More Sustainable.


While moving house might take a serious toll on your sanity, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. In fact, making sustainable choices when starting the next chapter of your life has never been easier. From decluttering to cleaning, here’s seven simple ways to eco-ify your next move with absolutely minimal effort.

1. Nail The Planning
Rushed decisions often aren’t the best for both ourselves and the planet. Start off on the right foot by locking down the planning when it comes to your big move. Get things going a few weeks in advance so you have the time to declutter consciously, source reusable materials and use up all the food in your fridge. Get it right with our Ultimate Moving House Checklist.

2. Give Your Stuff A Second Life
Moving is the perfect excuse to pare back your stuff. Whether it’s an overflowing wardrobe or stacked bookshelf, you’ll want to transport as little as possible. But when decluttering, you have a responsibility to do so wisely, and that means giving your things a second life. Start by selling your items. They will be loved by someone new, and you’ll also score extra cash—win win. Otherwise, get the rest of your stuff into good nick and make a trip to the op shop.

3. Check Out Your Energy Provider’s Sustainability Creds
Changing your address is the perfect chance to check in with your energy company on their sustainability practices. We’re all about making energy more wonderful with 100% renewable generation through the powers of geothermal, hydro and wind. And we care about what this means for you too, encouraging our customers to get onboard The Electric Revolution with EVs, e.bikes and e.scooters.

4. Pack Smart And Sustainably
Single-use packing products can seriously drive up the carbon footprint of your move. Opt for more eco choices by reusing where you can. Source old boxes from friends, family or your local Facebook page. Use existing containers where possible—drawer units, washing baskets, fabric cubes, the list goes on. Most importantly, give bubble wrap the boot in favour of wrapping precious cargo with towels and clothes. Head here to get clued up on more savvy packing tips.

5. Correctly Dump Or Dispose
Some items just can’t live on, so in these cases, it’s important to dump or dispose of your stuff properly. Got a bunch of old gadgets past their best-by date? Make sure you drop these off at an e-waste facility such as TechCollect NZ, so they can be correctly recycled. When it comes to hazardous waste and chemicals, such as those old cans of paint, these do not belong in your regular rubbish run. Make sure you consult your local council guidelines and options for safe disposal.

6. Go Eco With Cleaning
If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed when moving house, it’s that you’ll be doing A LOT of cleaning. So make things easier on the environment and choose eco-friendly cleaning options. This could be as simple, and cheap, as using up household goods for all-natural DIY solutions. You’ll want to have white vinegar, lemons and lots of baking soda on hand. Or reach for a more natural cleaning spray over your regular brand on your next supermarket run.

7. Opt For Electronic Bills
Ahead of your move, you’ll also need to do a stock-take on your paper bills, and change your address with your providers. There’s no better time to say no to the unnecessary paper and take your billing entirely online. Your post box and recycling bin will thank you later.

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