Fuel your car for the price of a burger!

New Zealand is perfect for electric vehicles. More than 80% of our country’s electricity generation is clean, green and renewable. And at the equivalent of 30c per litre, you can fuel your EV for the cost of a $5 burger!

Use our EV calculator to see how much you could save on fueling an EV.

Charge up... in your sleep

Electricity is already super cheap compared to petrol or diesel but we're making it even cheaper for our EV owners.

If you're a plug-in vehicle owner, you can save 20% on your entire home’s electricity usage between 9pm - 7am, every day.

And to help make the future even better, you’ll get this discount for 2 years from the day you sign up to this offer.

Give us some details here and we'll get you set up. Terms apply.

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Be with Mercury

This 20% discount is only available to Mercury residential customers on certain plans. If you aren’t already with us join now.


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Fill out the form here or give us a call on 0800 10 18 10 with your plug-in vehicle details and we'll set up your discounted fuel package.  


Charge up

You’ll save 20% on electricity costs when you charge your car at home between 9pm-7am any day of the week. 

^The 20% discount is applied against your standard Mercury variable electricity price between 9pm – 7am (standard electricity prices will apply during other hours). See full terms.

The Electric Highway

With more than 500 charging stations across New Zealand you can always find somewhere to stop and top-up along your way. The handy Electric Highway app (available for Android and Apple smartphones) puts the information at your fingertips while you're on the road.

Want to contribute to the growth of EVs in New Zealand? Add a NZ charging station now and download the Plugshare app. 

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