A full day of Free Power – think of the possibilities!

Bake all day, host a dinner party or blast the heater while you watch your favourite movies and we’ll pay for the power.

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Free Power Day

We occasionally offer Free Power Days to reward our customers.
A Free Power Day is 24 hours of free power for you to enjoy. 

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What did customers have to say?

"My adult daughter is bringing all her washing to be dried, she's over the moon thanks" - Amanda Wakefield

"Baking day also doing the washing also making muffins" - John Black

"I'll be making jam  and bottling some more fruit for the winter" - Selina Roycroft

"Just sorted mine for next week. I think i will be doing a lot of cooking and maybe some ironing. Thanks Mercury" - Maria Stinson

"Was so excited when i saw this pop up in my emails. All set for a day of catch up with washing and drying TV and some good cooking" - Stacey Lee Turner

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Wonderful rewards



We’ve joined forces with Air New Zealand, and you’ll now be that bit closer to taking off every time you switch on with Mercury. 

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e.Bikes and e.scooters

e.Bikes and e.scooters

Join the and e.scooter movement. A fun, affordable way to keep moving. Check out our exclusive deals and take a test ride at one of our retail partners.  

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EV Charging

EV Charging

Fuel your EV for the equivalent of 30c per litre. Plug in at home and save 20% on your entire home's electricity usage between 9pm - 7am every day.

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