Introducing e.scooters!

E.scooters are the latest addition to the electric transport movement and offer a whole lot of fun and convenience at an entry level price.

Get a taste of the freedom, fun and portability of an electric scooter. Read on for more info. 


Wonderful discounts

We've partnered with Total Pro NZ to offer an exclusive $250 e.scooter discount to Mercury customers. With a range of models available you'll find an e.scooter to fit your style. Terms apply.

Not a customer? Join Mercury today. 

Check out the range and when you're ready to buy, learn how below. Don't forget you can also get up to $500 off a selected range of e.bikes.

How to buy e.bikes


The Booster e.scooter is your all rounder suitable for the ride to work or just heading out for a blast on the weekend. 
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This bad boy is the e.scooter of choice for riders commuting daily and wanting a bit more muscle in their take off. 
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This guy is your go-to if you're after a carefree, no strings attached weekend ride. Compact and easy on the wallet, Eco is a reliable ally with a decent range.

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After a weekend ride with a bit more oomph? Look no further than the Master. The name says it all.
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Be safe

Your safety is important so we've pulled together some safety tips around riding e.scooters.

Make sure you have a read through these tips so you know what's what when you're riding.
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See e.scooters in action