Our Transport Future is Electric

New Zealand is perfect for electric transport. More than 80% of our country's electricity generation is clean, green and renewable. And at Mercury, we do even better than that. Our energy generation comes from 100% renewable sources making us the perfect choice to fuel New Zealand's growing fleet of electric cars and bikes.

Mercury is now a proud member of EV100, an initiative to help reduce carbon emissions and drive electric transport as the new normal by 2030. To find out more check out theclimategroup.org or see the full release.

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New Zealand’s Driving Future

We've partnered with Plugshare, the New Zealand Government and Contact Energy to bring New Zealand EV owners information on a national network of EV charging points!

The Electric Highway app brings all charging station locations together in a single app.

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Save $250 on an e.scooter!

E.scooters are the latest addition to the electric transport movement and offer a whole lot of fun and convenience at an entry level price.

Get a taste of the freedom, fun and portability of an e.scooter and get $250 off! Read on for more info. 


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Independence from foreign fossil fuels

Imagine paying just 30c for a litre of petrol. That's how little it costs to power an electric vehicle based on EECA estimates.

Electric transport could help reduce our nation’s reliance on expensive imported fossil fuels, and help you save at the same time. That's energy freedom, and we think it's wonderful!

80% of New Zealand’s electricity generation is renewable

100% of the energy Mercury generates is

30c that's how little a litre of fuel costs for EV's


Travel for 30c per litre? Electricity is the fuel of the future. 

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Join the e.bike movement. A fun, affordable way to get around.

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