Go Shorty, it's your Birthday!

We're celebrating Shortland Street's 25th Birthday with a Free Power Day today! 

Grab your mates, cook up large and enjoy this feature length episode on us. Terms apply.



We'd love to hear how you'll be celebrating Shortland Street's 25th Birthday with your Free Power Day on Thursday 25 May. Share on our timeline at facebook.com/mercurynz with #FreePowerDay

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Win wonderful prizes!

To celebrate Shortland Street's 25th Birthday we've got some great prizes to give away including a $300 energy credit and Shorty prize packs - plus you’ll get an entry to win a money can’t buy Shorty experience. Just take the quiz on the Shortland Street website to be in the draw to win! Terms apply.

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Kate & Mo's Power Saving Tips

Shortland Street's Kate & Mo share some of their top power saving tips. 

Set fridges and freezers to the right temperature.
Fridges are usually on 24/7, you can reduce the running cost by making sure it’s not too cold. Your fridge should be 3°C to 4°C and freezer -15°C to -18°C.

Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room.
This is a real easy way to save on power and it’s as simple as it reads – just turn the light off when you leave the room!

Take shorter showers.
Showering makes up a major part of the hot water used in a home so you could easily cut back on your hot water costs if everyone shaved 2 minutes off their shower time. 
Use your washing machine more efficiently. 
Get the most out of your washing machine and pay the least by washing full loads and using cold water. Cold water uses 10x less energy than warm or hot water!

Dry your clothes more efficiently.
Make sure you regularly clear out lint in your clothes dryer for better air circulation and use the moisture sensor  instead of a timer to cut back on energy use. 

Crack down on standby power.
Avoid paying for wasted energy by turning whitewear, computers, TVs and other electronics off at the wall when they’re not being used. For more tips, check out GEM in My Account. 

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Missed an episode or just want more of your fave drama? Our friends at TVNZ2 have got you covered. Check out episode recaps, Shortland Street features, character info and meet the cast.   

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