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What causes high bills?

Higher than normal energy bills can be caused by many factors, including the following:

// Days in a billing month: The average number of days billed each month is 30. A few days more or less could make the total amount due higher or lower than previous months.

// Change in lifestyle: a new baby, additional people in your home, new appliances (such as a plasma TV or second refrigerator), additional living spaces or someone now working from home will increase energy use. These lifestyle changes typically increase hot water use, laundry costs and heating and cooling costs.

// Rate changes: Changes or increases energy rates can affect the total amount due.

// Seasonal usage: Hot and humid days means you may run the air conditioner and colder days means additional heating may be required. Air conditioning, dehumidifiers, swimming pools/pumps and spa pools would increase energy use.

// Actual or estimated meter readings: Estimated meter reads followed by an actual read or an inaccurate meter read could affect the total amount due.

Find out how to read your bill

Why do you need to read my meter?

It's the best way to provide you with an accurate bill. If we can read your meter, we can make sure that you pay only for the energy you actually use. In addition the Government requires us to read your meter on a regular basis.

Can't I just read the meter for you?

Yes, you can enter up to six (6) meter readings in a row by registering for the My Account service on, or by calling our Customer Services team on 0800 10 18 10 with your account number and following the automated instruction.

We will still need to have a Mercury authorised representative read at least every seventh month. Remember that only one meter reading will be accepted in a 23 day period, and multiple meters/registers for the same premise must be entered all at the same time.

Acceptance of customer provided readings is at Mercury's discretion.