The story so far

Meet Evie - She's on a mission to enjoy Energy made Wonderful - with a little help from her friends. 

Check out their adventures so far...


What have Ron and Malcolm been up to?

Ron and Malcolm have escaped their retirement home for the night of their lives with Evie. See what the three of them get up to. 

Meet the stars



Evie's a beautiful 1957 Ford Fairlane that's recently had some major work done. The star of the show, Evie is an inspiration and perfect example of Energy made Wonderful. 

Now running better than ever and 100% emission free, Evie's one of a kind. 



Ron's a laid back dude in his 70s. He's embracing age and retirement but still up for an adventure. 

Ron and Malcolm have been friends forever. They've got each others backs and share many passions, including their love of Evie.



Even though he's retired, Malcolm hasn't let go of his mischievous youth.

Evie has been the lady in Malcolm's life for years, and recently he had the best idea - turning Evie into an EV.

The making of Evie

Evie's been on the road for 60 years, but now there's something extra wonderful about her. We want Kiwis to think about electric vehicles in a wonderful new way so we've converted this classic old beauty and given her a new lease on life. Check out Evie's makeover below.


Learn more about Evie's wonderful transformation.
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