Meet Evie. NZ's newest electric vehicle

The making of Evie

Evie's been on the road for 60 years, but now there's something extra wonderful about her. We want Kiwis to think about electric vehicles in a wonderful new way so we've converted this classic old beauty and given her a new lease on life. Check out Evie's makeover below.

Learn more about Evie - NZ's newest electric vehicle

Evie on tour
We're taking Evie on the road. See where she's off to and join us.
Evie on tour
Evie's story
She's on a mission to enjoy Energy made Wonderful - with a little help from her friends. 
Evie's story
Meet Evie
See what's under the hood, check the specs and learn more about the conversion.
Get to know Evie

The great escape

Ron and Malcolm have escaped their retirement home for the night of their lives with Evie. See how all three of them have been given a new lease on life by our wonderful electricity. 


Charge anywhere

EVs plug in at home, at work, anywhere you can find a 3-pin plug. You'll never have to stop at a petrol station to refuel again!
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