Why was my July bill so high?

11 September, 2012 by
If you got a shock on your July bill, you're not alone! 
We put our geek-hats on and dug up some data about energy consumption and temperatures over winter and found out that, while 2012 has been colder, usage has remained mostly steady across the country.

This isn't rocket science
We all crank up our heaters more when it's cold out. Check out this information and see how you stacked up against our four largest cities. Chances are, your higher bill is down to colder temperatures - and that's normal.

Here’s how our top 4 cities stacked up this winter, as well as compared to last winter.
(hint: it was colder this year)



jessica niemack
It is not the cold weather that drives the price of power consupmtion,it is the COST of power that New Zealanders feel.With water in abundance and the power of the sun,our government is ignoring the free elements we have at our disposale and human beings suffer!
19/02/2013 6:36:57 p.m.

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